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Strong Youth Foundation


Seeking New Board Member

Strong Youth Foundation (SY) is currently looking for board members of diverse backgrounds (age, gender, race, sexualities, etc); particularly those with experience in development/fundraising or non-profit finance management, and we would love to invite a teen or two to join us.

SY’s  mission is to provide funding to allow low-income children, youth, and adults to participate in the social and emotional well-being programs offered by ReTribe and Social Harmony.

ReTribe is a small community of teachers, outdoor educators, psychotherapists, and artists in Vermont who strive to bring cultural change and healing to children, teens, and adults.  Using a variety of therapeutic techniques, wilderness education and play to create powerful emotional healing and engaging programming, ReTribe works toward fostering a new culture built on radical acceptance and connection to self, others & the earth. 

Social Harmony builds self-sustaining programs that promote social emotional health, address conflict, and decrease bullying through restorative justice methods in the entire school community. They educate and train students, faculty, and parents to create a community-wide culture change that moves people from punishment to healing.


Board Members are responsible for:

I. Recognizing and supporting SY’s mission and values.

II. Providing broad fiscal oversight, including the adoption of an annual budget, quarterly review of revenue and expenses, and review of tax forms and audits.  In addition to other roles, we are seeking a Treasurer who has the skills to lead this portion of the Board’s responsibilities.


III. Fundraising and Development:  As a non-profit organization, fundraising and development are vital to the success of SY. One of the most important functions of the board is to assist and oversee SY’s fundraising efforts. In addition to other roles, we are seeking a member who can provide leadership, contribute ideas and actively advocate for the fundraising and development efforts of the organization.

IV. Involvement in Meetings, Committees and Fundraising Efforts: SY’s Board meets once per month in the evenings via remote video conference.  We are hoping to recruit members who have the capacity to dedicate additional time to fundraising efforts.

To apply send us a message here:

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